888 Ladies Bingo

888 Ladies Bingo: Play Bingo and Win Money

Online Bingo has taken the world by a storm. There are millions of people who play online bingo on a daily basis. They are popular sites like 888Ladies which offers exciting opportunities to players from all around the world.


It is a very popular gambling website where people can engage in games like bingo and slot. You can play for fun and make real money with it. If you are a bingo lover, this site is perfect for you. They offer more than 12 bingo rooms. 

They also offer other slot and casino games. You will get a wide variety of games to choose from. They also offer amazing jackpots to win Money. You can play bingo games like 52-ball, 75-ball, 90-ball and 5-line. 

Online Bingo Rooms

Play Bingo

There are various bingo rooms you can choose. The price and jackpot amount are different for each room. You can check the details before choosing a room.

  1. Weekly Jackpots: They are jackpots as per the days of the week.
    • Marvellous Monday: £600
    • Tremendous Tuesday: £1500
    • Wonderful Wednesday: £500
    • Thursday’s Thousand: £1000
  2. Mystery Jackpot: There are two types of mystery Jackpot.
    • Mystery 75: Up to £250
    • Mystery Jackpot: Up to £500
  3. Other Jackpots: There are three types of other jackpots.
    • The Loyal 6M+: £10
    • The Loyal 2Y+: £20
    • Sweet Stack Up £1000
  4. VIP Rooms: There are various VIP rooms as well.
    • Daily Mystery Gems: Up to £500
    • £250 Free Daily Gems: £50
    • Free Weekly Gems: £100
    • Monthly Mega Gems: £5000
  5. 52-Ball Bingo: There are two types of games here.
    • Bingo Deal: Playing cards
    • Bingo Roulette: Bingo with casino
  6. Free Bingo Rooms: There are many free bingo rooms.
    • £888 Free Newbie Bingo: £2
    • Freebie Fun: £1
    • The Ten Den: £10
    • Freebie Rewards: £50
    • Great £1000 Weekly: £1000
    • Free Sunday £250: £250

There are many other bingo rooms you can play on 888Ladies.


  • Types of Games: You can play different types of bingo games and casino games on this site. They offer 5-line, 90-ball, 52-ball and 75-ball bingo games.
  • Platform: You can either play online bingo from the website or download the 888Ladies App from Play Store and App Store. You can play on PC as well as a mobile phone.
  • Re Tickets: You can also buy the bingo ticket in advance.
  • Variety of Rooms: You can choose from a wide variety of bingo rooms.
  • Free Bonus: They offer a special offer for new players. You can sign up and enjoy the offers. By depositing £10, you will get £40.
  • Safe: All your private data and payment methods are safe and secure.
  • Customer Support: You can contact them for help and support.
  • Deposit £10: By depositing £10, you will get a 400% bonus. You can use it for playing bingo and slots worth £50. 
  • Age: You can only participate in online bingo if you are above 18 years.

How to Play?

If you want to play online bingo on 888Ladies, you can either play directly from the website or download the app in your smartphone. After that, you can signup to create your account. 

You can deposit a minimum of £10 and enjoy playing various online bingo games. You can choose from a variety of rooms as well. It is free to download and play.