Lotto 247 platform

Lotto 247: A Brief Introduction

These days people are searching for some new ideas to make more and more money. The lottery is one of the choices for many such people who want to make money in huge amounts and that is too very quickly. In this article, we will get to know about one of those websites which provides an easy way to play the lottery

What is Lotto 247

Lotto 247 is one of those websites

There are many sites available for gaming, gambling, and lotteries. Lotto 247 is one of those websites.  This website is mainly known to fulfill the requirement of lottery players in India but it can also be used for many other casino games, scratchcards, keno, and many more. This site is managed and owned by Secure Views Services which is mainly based in Cyprus but works from many other different places. Here there is a free PowerBall entry that is given to every new customer for free. There are many other benefits of using this website. All those benefits you can avail after registering and login on to this website.

Lotto 247 in India

Many people think that this website is not legal in India. There are many reasons behind it and one of the most obvious reasons is mouth publicity or advertising. Many people might just think like this and spread this news among others and people used to believe it. Actually, this website is legal in India and anyone who is above 18 and wants to join this website for playing the lottery and some other games, can easily register on this website. The website is rich with lots of amazing content like games, lotteries, easy procedures, and many other things which attract all the visitors who visit it.

Method of log in

To use this website, you must log in before using this website properly. To do this all, you first need to register on this website. The process of registration is pretty simple. Before starting the registration process you need to keep one email id where you can receive the activation code for the generation of a new account,  any document which proves that you are that person which you really claim to be. The popular documents for this purpose may be a driving license, the voter id card, ration card, passport, or anything like this. Along with these you also need to give your bank account number, IFSC code so that after winning the prize, money could be transferred as the winning amount in your bank account easily. Once you complete the registration process, you can log in using your email or username and password.

How to withdraw money

Now once you complete all the steps and your bank details get verified, you then need to prove the details of your PAN CARD.  Once it also gets verified, you can transfer your winning amount to your bank account. After transferring it, you can either use ATM service or direct withdrawal from the bank to get your winning amount in your hand.